Car Modification Tips Basic Technique

Car Modification Tips Basic Technique - Claimed cars made in general, then most likely will be many things that you are not available in the car. There are some Basic accessories that can help you.

Car Modification Tips Basic Technique

GLASS FILM Lucky us, the government of still want to use window film. Wear these accessories to reduce cabin heat and security. So to note, as much as possible use no more than 60% glass film for the side glass. As for the windshield, we only recommend the type clear, so no hassle visibility.

AUDIO If you do not buy a premium car, then most likely the sound generated audio system is quite normal. Changing the audio became a logical choice. You should translate audio with SQ stream (Sound Quality), not a noisy power cord. Appropriate melodic and song quality can create more stable emotions on the road.

Car Modification Tips Basic Technique

PELEK and TIRE As long as you just raise 2 inches from the standard size, then raising the rim can still be fairly safe. Widening the 10-20 mm tires is also possible. Select rims whose offsets are similar to the original, as well as tires that are at least equivalent.

KLAKSON For cars costing Rp 200 million down, there are still many who use a single horn with a disappointing sound. We suggest you replace it with an aftermarket double horn. In addition can be louder when warning other vehicles, sounds more authoritative also gives its own pleasure. But do not use the type whose voice is too loud to disturb.

GPS NAVIGATION When you're in a big city, GPS navigation guides are especially useful when looking up addresses. We have a lot of aftermarket audio that has GPS navigation facility. But before buying, make sure the system is easy to operate and has the latest maps. Do not forget to ask how to update the map to the seller, because every year there will always be changes.

CAMERA / PARKING SENSOR When your audio is ready to use the parking camera, installing this tool will be useful when backing up. Not only does the cabin look more modern, the clear visibility to the rear will significantly improve safety. When buying, make sure the camera quality remains good when backing out in the dark.

Roof rack is the safest means to transport goods without disturbing the volume of the cabin. This is especially useful if your car does not have special luggage like a sedan and is about to load fully. Buy a roof rack from a brand whose reputation is assured. The most important thing when installing roof box. measure the height of your car. When it is more than 2.1 meters, then do not try to enter the parking lot or special highway toll booth. Install the warning sticker in the car's cockpit. 

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