Check Periodically Wiper Rubber Sweep Seal

Check periodically wiper rubber sweep seal If your cars wiper rubber is not working optimally to sweep the rainwater, also rubber brittle, it means the condition of wiper rubber is not in use.

Detection is easiest in terms of its function only. That was when his swept the water was not maximal, or clean baseball again. And visually changed shape or bent.

Components of the wiper there is no useful life, according to the service book checked every 10 thousand km. Wiper damage can be from various things. Among the more frequent windshields hit the sun. With the faster, the quality of rubber wiper also decreased.

Wiper Rubber Sweep Seal

The effect if not replaced and still used will scratch and leave marks on the windshield. Moreover, who often stops by the windshield is not just a splash of rainwater. But splashing dust or dirt when the car runs.

Not infrequently also dust-containing metal particles, will make the wiper rubber more quickly wear out. So it will disrupt the view of the drivers.

So if it should be replaced, it is replaced only. Rather than shut up even damage the windshield of the car later. But the price is not expensive, although depending on the brand as well. Namely around Rp 70 thousand and above.

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