Do It! For Car Machine Always Prime

Do It! For Car Machine Always Prime - To get the prime machine conditions do not need to be expensive and even can be done alone. All it takes is to check the engine room. This ritual can be done by anyone, even by lady driver though.

No need every day, if the car is new and still in good condition, once a week is enough. If the old car, 2 times a week.
Do It! For Car Machine Always Prime

Do It! For Car Machine Always Prime

Checking this routine practically really. No need to have oil. Only a few parts are vital to machine performance. If the orderly done, healthy machine, shopping sparingly. These include:

Check the water level of the radiator. Before adding, make sure you know the minimum and maximum limit. Most well water is added with distilled water. This water does not contain minerals thus minimizing corrosion. The best distilled water, AC discharge water.

After adding water, make sure that the closing time is also done correctly. In the same position or angle as before and locked firmly. So baseball there is an accident in the middle of the road suddenly closed the radiator open.

Check the engine oil level regularly. When checking oil, make sure the car is in a flat position. Prepare a tissue to wipe the oil stick, so that when dyed again the oil level limit and the minimum / maximum point on the stick is clearly visible.

The safest level of oil fill is between the minimum and maximum points. Do not get overload. If there is an excess of adding oil, it's better to contact your trust workshop.

Regular battery checks need to be done if you are still wearing wet batteries that must be filled in liquid periodically. Make sure the battery is always filled with liquid, not to dry. Check from side edge of pole to center.

End areas close to the poles need more attention, because this part that receives the workload first. If the heads of batteries moldy, there is a white color, immediately clean. The trick is easy, pour hot water until clean, then dry.

Checking the machine, adding oil and liquids are like vitamins, can not be saved. So it can not be filled beyond the maximum limit, so after that it does not need to be checked again in a long time. But like vitamins, all should be done according to portions. Not less than the minimum limit, no more the maximum limit.
Check times should not be based on mileage only. But based on engine hours, the length of the machine works. Because it could be a short distance, but because the jammed machine worked for a long time.

Do It! For Car Machine Always Prime

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