Do It When The Car Is Strike On The Toll Road

Do It When The Car Is Strike On The Toll Road - For a layman who does not understand technical problems, a strike becomes a frightening specter. This condition causes excessive panic. The worse the troubled car on the highway. What to do?

Do It When The Car Is Strike On The Toll Road

Do It When The Car Is Strike On The Toll Road

The following step by step should be done when suddenly problematic on the highway:

1. Break securely. When you realize there is something wrong with the car, do not be rash and immediately hit the brakes and stopped abruptly. If the engine dies, neutralize the tooth, then take advantage of the momentum rate to marginalize the car. Do not forget to mark (light skin). Try pepetak cars on the guardrail, or shoulder of the road.

2. Make sure the existence of the car is clearly visible. Enabling the hazard light must be watched. If the night, not enough with danger, turn on the brake lights. The driver who will pass from behind will immediately understand to get away from your car. Do not forget to install security triangle some distance from car stop position.

3. Your presence should also be visible. In some European countries, bring a light reflective vest or legal jacket. Makes you visible at night when it crashes and is sure to stay safe, especially while waiting for help to arrive.

4. Evacuate! It is important to immediately lower all passengers or valuables. If at any time the car is hit from behind, all passengers will be protected from danger. Choose a safe location and stay visible. While waiting for help, it's good to stay away from the car. If there is a roadblock, it is better to take cover behind it. Do not try to get back to the car even if it's a cold or rain sedan.

5. Do not waste time fixing. Even if you know the problem, do not spend time on the side of a dangerous toll road to repair. You are not safe, even just to change the tires.

6. Phone. The most correct is to call immediately for help and take the car to a safer or more spacious place. Make sure there is always a mobile phone when driving long distance or the phone is not low batt.

7. Walk safely. If the car is on or will be withdrawn, make sure to walk slowly to the slow lane. 

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