Easy Way to Eliminate Asphalt Stains on the Car

The poor quality of the asphalt gives less impact to the car owner. Generally, often found asphalt stains attached to the body and rim of the car.

The presence of asphalt spots on the body and rim make the car's exterior look less pleasing to the eye.
Easy Way to Eliminate Asphalt Stains on the Car

Easy Way to Eliminate Asphalt Stains on the Car

Here are tips on removing asphalt stains on the car:

When washing the car do not rub the parts that contain asphalt stains. Use tar remover or kerosene to remove stains. This liquid is claimed will not make the car paint dull or peeling as long as the process is done correctly.

In addition, avoid the use of a mixture of paint or tiner to remove asphalt stains on the car.

How to clean asphalt stains

- Prepare tools and cleaning materials, ie a clean soft cloth, brush, and tar remover or kerosene

- Clean the asphalt stains first attached to the body and rim the car using water and then dry

- Spray or apply a tar remover or kerosene on the part of the asphalt stain.

- Let stand about five minutes for the liquid to work. After five minutes usually asphalt will soften.

- After the asphalt softens the further cleaning process by lifting the softened asphalt using a soft cloth.

If there is still some asphalt, repeat the same process to remove the asphalt spark, until it is completely clean. After everything is free from asphalt stains, wash the entire car with a special soap then rinse and dry

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