How to Care for the Right Defogger

How to Care for the Right Defogger - Although it does not need special care for defogger or rear glass heater. It's good to pay attention to some important things. Such as the time to turn it on, or also the behavior of rear-glass cleaning. Actually, the existence of this defogger is quite important. Its main function is to block out the mist that occurs in the rear glass or rear side glass for some vehicle types.

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This fog comes when the temperature between the cabin and the outside is out of balance. Usually comes when it rains, because in the cabin must turn on the AC.Adanya fog in the rear glass clearly disrupts the view of the driver. This is where the main function of the defogger.

How to Care for the Right Defogger

How to Care for the Right Defogger

Most important that should be the attention of activating the defogger only when needed. Once the dew is detected in the rear window, just turn it on. Do not rain just activated. Then immediately turn off after the dew is gone. Often happens, defogger remains lit when in the glass is no dew.

Be careful also with sockets or connectors on the defogger. His standing position very likely knocked when the glass on the lap. Although very rarely damaged, there is no harm in opening the existing socket to see the condition. For a car that has been a bit long, be careful of tin connectors, do not let go.

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