Important Parts and Components of Cars Engine and Its Functions

Without it Important Parts and Components of Car Engine and Its Functions, a car certainly can not be driven.

Means we can conclude that a car's engine has such a big function. Well keep any part what in a car engine. Surely you are curious is not it. Well you just read and see the parts of the car and its components that exist in a car and its functions.


The car has 2 parts:
1. Components that can move
2. Components that can not move.
Components of cars that can not move between them, namely:
  • Cylinder block
  • Cylinder head
  • Carter or Bak oil
And for the components of the car that can move between them,
    - Timing gear or Dental timings
    - Cam shafts or shaft relations
    - Torak or piston
    - Fly wheel or Wheel successor


      The car engine has several important components that you must know because without any of the components of the car below a car can not move or walk. Here it is an essential component component of a car engine:

      1. Cylinders
      Important Parts and Components of Car Engine and Its Functions
      The function of this component to move and form heat to mechanical power. So if you want to power your vehicle engine to the maximum, try to keep so no leakage on the gas burned on the part between the piston and cylinder.

            Components of this one indeed can not you sly in your car vehicle. You also have to take care of it and even you can also replace this tool if your vehicle there is a problem.
      Cylinders are components that you must know because it has a very important function. It's a lot of components in the car that is very important and also very complicated. So often often to pay attention to this one component, considering this one component is very important indeed.

      2. Cylinder block
      Still in touch with the cylinder

      And is one of the main components of a basic vehicle engine. In this cylinder block section there are several cylinders of the engine and in each cylinder the engine has one piston located at one end of the piston rod.
      As for the other rod ends are connected to the crankshaft, so up and down of this piston is what can move the crank.

      3. Cylinder head
      This component is in the upper cylinder block. The cylinder head is made of a mixture of cast iron with aluminum which can limit expansion.

      In addition, there is also an additional cooling coat that is connected with the cylinder block to provide cooling to the spark plugs and valves in it.

      4. Karter
      Important Parts and Components of Car Engine and Its Functions
      This component is located at the bottom of the cylinder block. The function of this karter component is as a container of engine oil. In the carter there is also a vent that connects it with the outside air. Karter is bolted and provided with an additional gasket between crankshaft with a carter that will work to avoid leakage on the engine.
      5. Torak or Piston
      car engine components of this one are required to be able to work with maximum speed so it must have the characteristics of components that are resistant to high temperature levels and high pressure. The head of the piston has a flat head shape but some types of components that this one has a convex shape.

      6. Piston rod
      This component serves to connect the piston with the crankshaft.

      7. The crank shaft
      The last important component is the crankshaft, this component serves to change the piston's straight movement on the cylinder into a circular motion through the piston rod. And this component has another function that is to keep the piston movement to the next step.

      Well that's some of the Important Parts and Components of Car Engine and Its Functions you should know. Thankyou for visiting !! Dan salam otomotif (*YouDoFollow - DoFollow Blogs for Bloggers.

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