Kijang Innova Diesel Engine Technology Latest

Kijang Innova Diesel Engine Technology Latest - All New Toyota Kijang Innova latest output has many changes almost on all sides significantly. Includes changes to diesel engines.

2KD-FTV old engine capacity of 2500 cc baseball used again. All New Kijang Innova now uses a new engine, 2GD-FTV with a capacity of 2400 cc. But do not be underestimated first yes even though the capacity is smaller, but its strength actually increased quite far.

Kijang Innova Diesel Engine Technology Latest

Kijang Innova Diesel Engine Technology Latest

The old, 2KD-FTV engine has a power of 101 hp with 200 Nm of torque in the range of 1,600-3,600 rpm. While the new 2GD-FTV engine can give off about 177 hp and 450 Nm of torque at 1,400-2,600 rpm. From there seen a surge of power and torque soar far enough.

On the new machine there are some improvements, namely the size of the turbo is reduced by 30%, thus increasing the turbo effectiveness response to 50% on the previous turbo appeal. Its logic when turbo blade size is smaller, it will be more responsive when rotated by flue gas.

The use of Variable Nozzel Turbo (VNT) technology has been embedded. How VNT works is, the turbo can adjust the flow rate of the exhaust gases (as a turbo blower player) especially during low rotation. So when the low rpm, turbo effectiveness has been felt. Different if baseball use VNT, need high rpm for turbo work effectively.

Other improvements in combustion efficiency are enhanced by the implementation of several new technologies, such as TSWIN (Thermo Swing Wall Insulation) that makes the combustion heat in the cylinder better utilized as motion energy. In the top layer of the piston is also coupled with silica reinforced anodized porous, with the same purpose as thermo swing. The effect of his thermal efficiency can be up to 44% and its exhaust emissions are also cleaner.

The addition of intercooler is also a novelty in Kijang Innova, as previous generations have not used. Changes to the injector are also done. Injektornya first 6 holes, now so 8. The positive effect is the spread of diesel in the combustion chamber wider and speed up the combustion process. so this article about Kijang Innova Diesel Engine Technology Latest, Tahnkyou for visiting !! ( *

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