Know About Diesel Engine Technology This Year

Know About Diesel Engine Technology This Year - Diesel engine technology is now diverse. There are three commonly used by manufacturers namely direct injection, turbo variable, and common-rail. To find out what the technology looks like, here's a quick explanation:

Know About Diesel Engine Technology This Year

Direct injection

This is the early development of the old diesel engine. First fuel is sprayed first in the pre-combustion chamber (Indirect Injection). The result is a mixture of fuel and air burned using a glow plug. From the combustion results are channeled to the cylinder head. Glow plugs are also used to help when the engine starts in cold conditions.

Diesel Engine Technology

In direct injection technology, fuel injector squirts fuel directly into the combustion chamber. In turbo diesel engines, thanks to the solid air drive from the turbo, the power produced is getting bigger and the engine is more efficient at processing the fuel. This technology is commonly used for passenger and freight cars.

Turbo variable

More and more machines are using variable turbo. The advantage of this technology is its output range is greater than the turbo fixed. This can happen because the angle of the turbine blades can change according to engine speed. So turbo lag that often occurs in turbo fixed can be minimized.


Common-rail technology in each manufacturer has different name da gang</s>. Hyundai for example called with CRDi, Peugeot called HDI, Chevrolet nicknamed VCDi and at the call of Toyota D-4D. The way it works is through a rail that puts high pressure on the fuel to flow through the pipes to the injector. All these processes are controlled by the computer. so this article about Know About Diesel Engine Technology This Year, Tahnkyou for visiting !! ( *

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