Tips Put a Roof Box in the Car

Tips Put a Roof Box in the Car - When traveling a lot like when on vacation, bringing lots of stuff is a frequent thing to do. Passengers often fill the car with luggage such as suitcases, small bags to various small objects.

Of course, conditions like this certainly bring consequences. In addition to the weight of the car that increases, the space in the cabin was increasingly circumcised so that the cabin feels cramped.

Tips Put a Roof Box in the Car

Tips Put a Roof Box in the Car

As a result, getting extra space by adding a roof box device is a smart move to get around the storage space needs. In the market there are many options of roof rack and roof box available.

Here's how to attach the roof box that must be known to the owner of the car:


Before the installation of the two devices, of course need measurement. This is to determine the position of the laying. The position in the middle does not only apply to more advanced or more backward options, but also the position between the right and left in the cross bar.

The best way to position the roof box in the middle. Do not be too left or right because it will affect the car load so uneven.

Use measuring tools such as gauges to measure the distance of each side to make it more precise. Because if missed, it will interfere with the motion of the car (roll) when maneuvering.

See the fulcrum

As good as any roof box you buy, their main function is to carry the goods. Carrying goods is tantamount to bear the burden and if dealing with the load then the foundation or fulcrum becomes a very important thing.

The pivot point is obtained from the existence of roof rail. Types of cars that are of a standard already equipped roof rail is usually only MPV, jeep or SUV. So if your car does not have a roof rail, then the first step that must be done is to install first roof rail.

Once the roof rails are installed, then all you need to do next is to install a cross bar. Well, this bar is useful to support the roof box according to your needs and desires. So the selection of roof box also needs to adjust to the roof rail.

Measure your roof box dimensions. Keep the center of the component in the center of your car.

To position in the middle, slide the cross bar forward or backward. After getting the appropriate position, tighten it with the right key and make sure all get the same level of firmness.

This is necessary for reasons of stability. By being in the middle of the car, the weight distribution can be more evenly distributed and helps stability while maneuvering.

In addition to a matter of stability which of course also affect the safety of driving, positioning in the middle also for ease of access. You just step on footstep or tires if the car is high to access in and out of goods.

Even if you want to jut back, for example because there is a sunroof, then make sure that the back of the roof box does not hit the rear spoiler when the back door is opened.

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