Tips to Carry Safe Luggage in the Car

Luggage is often a problem when about to travel by car. Moreover, if the volume of baggage is limited, while the goods carried quite a lot. Sometimes the cabin comes packed with the goods. Unfortunately sometimes it can affect the comfort of passengers and even disturb the driver, which has the potential to cause accidents.

Tips to Carry Safe Luggage in the Car

There are several steps that can be done to arrange the luggage so as not to disrupt the driver and passenger comfort. Especially MPV that filled 7 passengers so that leaves limited luggage.

Tips to Carry Safe Luggage in the Car

1. Sorting items. Make a list of items to be brought, wisely choose the goods as needed. The next step to choose a suitcase or bag that suits the condition of the trunk. Do not force a large suitcase if it does not fit in the luggage.

2. Do not block the view. The amount of goods that must be brought sometimes forcing passengers to place the goods to cover the rear window. This often happens in hatchbacks. The remaining space behind the rear passenger headrests is often stuffed. Well, this can block the rear view of the driver from the middle mirror. To secure the default so as not to fall when the back door is opened (usually MPV) can use the additional cargo net. Can be found in the accessory shop with the official starting from Rp 200.000 - 300.000.

3. Additional baggage. Take advantage of the use of a roof box to store items that can not be inserted. If roof rack is not yet available, make sure you buy a box mounting support in the form of appropriate hooks. Do not forcibly tie the goods on the roof without a box, even though there is a roof rack. Because it can reduce the stability of driving and wet when rain. If closed the tarpaulin can interfere with comfort because it tends to be noisy when the wind.

4. Additional Compartments. For cabin luggage make sure not too big so as not to make crowded. If carrying drinks be sure to be placed in the glove box that is provided for a glass or bottle of drink. If less able to take advantage of additional compartments that are usually tied on the rear back. Aftermarket can be obtained at the accessories store with prices starting Rp 100,000.

5. Steam room sterile. Do not place things in the wheelhouse, like a dashboard. For the center console do not be too excessive and make sure not to interfere with the driver reaching the lever pernelling and parking brake.

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