Here's How to Reset the Sediment Water Indicator

Here's How to Reset the Sediment Water Indicator - Users of diesel-engined cars or diesel fuel, especially Toyota Innova, Fortuner and Hilux, must have experienced the lights of water sediment indicator flashes. If the indicator light is blinking, it means to warn the amount of water collected in the fuel filter has reached the specified level.
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Such problems can be eliminated by means of reset indicators. Of course, before the reset must first remove the water sediment in the home of solar filters. Do not forget, replace all solar filters with new ones. Here are the steps:

Here's How to Reset the Sediment Water Indicator

Here's How to Reset the Sediment Water Indicator

1. The position of the solar filter is located on the left. More precisely behind the battery. Very accessible. If the filter has been replaced with a new one, do the bleeding process or throw the wind through the hand pump. By pressing it several times, until there is pressure. Turn on the engine and check the entire fuel system from the leak.

2. Make sure the ignition key is off. Then, off konektorse switch water sediment. The trick is easy, just press the connector latch that is located exactly in the middle, then pull. The location of this connector is close to the battery and the cord is provided with a spiral protective tube.

3. Then after removal, turn the ignition key into the On position. This process can be done alone or ask friend's help. Enough until the position On for 3 seconds, no need to turn on the machine.

4. Then reconnect the switch water switch connector in less than 57 seconds. Thus, the total time required is less than 1 minute. If it gets more, it inevitably must repeat the process from the beginning. Be sure to reconnect the connector until you hear a click to be really fast.

5. Do not forget to make sure the water sediment light is off 3 seconds after the connector is installed. Note also to replace the diesel filter regularly as recommended by the manufacturer. If you use an aftermarket diesel filter, you should replace every 5,000 km, along with oil changes to keep in mind.

Here's How to Reset the Sediment Water Indicator
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